How to cook armenian gata

Sift the flour on the table, hackle the margarine and mix with the flour with a knife, make a pinch of salt. Mix the soda with sour cream and pour in the flour, then add the yolk and continue mix with the knife. Divide the dough into three parts and prepare filling. Mix 100g butter, sugar, vanilla sugar and add enough flour to make a fragile mass. Open each ball to 3 mm thick, spread 1/3 part of the filling into the whole dough. Whip like a roll and cut strips. Scrape the whipped albumen on the gata and bake in 170 degree oven until it reddens.

You need the following ingredients for cooking armenian gata

butter butter 100 gram

margarine margarine 150 gram

flour flour 3 teacup

sugar sugar 1 teacup

salt salt

sodasoda sodasoda 1 teaspoon

Vanilla sugar Vanilla sugar

egg egg 1 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 249 kcal