How to cook “fried” cake

Stir in the cottage cheese and sugar, add baking soda, eggs, flour, vanilla sugar. The dough should not be thick and not so watery. Open the dough, cut it of the same size as the pan. Bake it in the pan without greasing. For the cream pour milk and sugar into a boiler, put it on the fire. Put the butter in it and stir in well. Whisk the eggs, pour in the milk when it boils. Stir starch into the milk and pour it into the cream, let it boil for 5 minutes. Apply the cream when all the layers are baked. You may add cocoa to the half of the cream, so you will have two kinds of cream. Apply chocolate cream on the first layer, white cream on the next layer , and so on. Decorate with coconut flakes and refridgerate it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking “fried” cake

cottage cheese cottage cheese 400 gram

sugar sugar 2 teacup

egg egg 2 pieces

sodasoda sodasoda 2 teaspoon

Vanilla sugar Vanilla sugar

flour flour


sugar sugar 2 teacup

egg egg 2 pieces

butter butter 200 gram

starch starch 0.5 teacup

milk milk 0.5 L

kokosnye chips kokosnye chips

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 195 kcal