How to cook cake “kievian”

Separate the white from yolk. Whisk the white until it becomes real foam. Gradually add vanilla and sugar mixture. After well mixing add chopped nuts. Also add flour and divide into two parts. Put oil (baking) paper, extend the dough. Bake at 140-160 degree for 2-2.5hours. Leave to cool, remove the paper and scrape cream. Scrape chocolate cream on it and cover with second dough and again scrape cream. Decorate with cream and dried fruit.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cake “kievian”

walnut walnut 1 teacup

sugar sugar 1 teacup

egg egg 10 pieces

vanilla vanilla

flour flour 1.5 tablespoon

powdered sugar powdered sugar 200 gram

butter butter 400 gram

condensed milk condensed milk 6 tablespoon

cognac cognac 3 tablespoon

cocoa cocoa 2 tablespoon

total cost of a prescription is 10Dollar
` calorie 1043 kcal