How to cook cake “crumbly hut”

Whip the egg with sugar, add honey, vodka, soda and butter. Put it on the steam of boiling water. Mix it when the dough raises , add one cup of flour and mix it quickly. Knead the dough when it raises again , adding as much flour to make smooth elastic dough. It must not snuggle to your hands. Whisk the first cream until it thickens,gradually mix the boild condensed milk. For the second cream whisk the sour-cream with sugar until it melts. Separate the dough into 15 shares. Open each share with 25*5 size. String the cherries in length, join the edges and close. Bake it in the oven under 180°. String 5 rolls at first, apply the cream, then put 4 dough rolls, then three, two and one. Pour coconut flakes on it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cake “crumbly hut”

egg egg 2 pieces

sugar sugar 1 teacup

honey honey 2 tablespoon

vodka vodka 2 tablespoon

sodasoda sodasoda 2 teaspoon

butter butter 50 gram

flour flour 2 teacup

cherry cherry

kokosnye chips kokosnye chips


condensed milk condensed milk 450 gram

cream cream

sugar sugar 1 teacup

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 183 kcal