How to cook cake “bavaria”

Separate 6 egg-whites from yolks, whisk with sugar. Then stir the chocolate pudding into the egg-white and add the yolks. Bake it at average temperature for 30-35 minutes. White cream: stir in all the ingredients, apply on the dough after it cools. To make the chocolate paste put the sauce pan with chocolate on the steam. Whisk the egg-whites, little by little add the melted chocolate and the yolks. Stir it and apply on the dough. Put it in the fridge.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cake “bavaria”

egg egg 8 pieces

sugar sugar 4 tablespoon

cream cream 1.5 teacup

milk milk 2 teacup

vanilla vanilla

chocolate chocolate 200 gram

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 787 kcal