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How to cook soup “xarcho”

Clean the meat, chop, cook and remove the froth. Chop the onions and fry in the sunflower or vegetable oil. Remove the skin of tomato, mash or chop. Pour in the stewed onion and stew for few minutes. Mince the nut’s kernel. Add spices; dry coriander, saffron and red pepper. If the meat is nearly cooked, add stewed onion with tomato, nut and season, rice. Add salt. When the rice is cooked, pour garlic and greens. Leave a little while and take from the fire.

You need the following ingredients for cooking soup “xarcho”

beef beef 1 kg

tomato paste tomato paste 3 chashi_gdal

walnut walnut 100 gram

onion onion 3 glux

rice rice 1 teyi_bajak

saffron saffron 1 teyi_gdal

cilantro cilantro 1 punj

garlic garlic 3 pchex

red pepper red pepper

total cost of a prescription is 9Dollar
` calorie 237 kcal

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