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How to cook soup with vitamins

In spring increases the risk of avitaminosis. Especially in children, it can be expressed by over fatigue and rising infections. To avoid losing vitamins it is necessary to add the possibly need of fruits and vegetables. Cook the meat. Chop carrot and turnip, fill little broth and cook with closed lid. Add green pea, potato and chopped cauliflower after 10min. When it starts to soften, fill the rest of broth and boil once more. When you want to serve also add chopped dill.

You need the following ingredients for cooking soup with vitamins

beef beef 75 gram

onion onion 0.5 glux

carrot carrot 0.5 pieces

potato potato 1 pieces

cauliflower cauliflower 50 gram

green peas green peas 15 gram

total cost of a prescription is 1Dollar
` calorie 49 kcal

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