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How to cook spiced chicken lega and korokke

Put beaten zira on the food membrane, garlic powder, red spicy and sweet peppers, 1 tea spoon salt and mix it well. Cut the chicken legs, dry them well, put into the bag with spices, whisk the bag so that the meat pieces would get spiced in an equal way. Oil the stove pan, put on it the spiced pieces of the meat, put the pan into the stove under 2300 temperature for 10 minutes. Mix well vinegar and honey. Turn the chicken pieces, put into the stove for 8 minutes then spice them with the rest of the marinade, cook until it is red from both sides. Serve it in a hot condition.

You need the following ingredients for cooking spiced chicken lega and korokke

Chicken Leg Chicken Leg 400 gram

garlic powder garlic powder 1 teyi_gdal

chili chili 2 teyi_gdal

red pepper red pepper 1 teyi_gdal

vinegar vinegar 2 teyi_gdal

honey honey 2 chashi_gdal

oil oil

salt salt

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 116 kcal

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