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How to cook putuk with mushroom and dumplings

Drizzle flour and salt into the pot, add the mixture of 1 egg and 5 table spoon of water, knead a solid dough and knead it for 7-8 minutes, cover it and leave it to rest. Add grated onion, salt and pepper on the beef meat and knead it well. Pour 1 liter of water onto the pot, add big cut carrot, an onion, pepper seeds and put on the fire. As soon as it begins to boil add salt and bay leaves, cook for 3 minutes remove the bay leaves turn off the fire and leave the broth to infuse. Open the dough in a thin way, cut slices bigger than usual, shape small dumplings place on the plate, sprinkle flout on that plate beforehand. Heat butter and vegetable fat mixture into the pot, fry dumplings form all sides, remove into the clay pukuks, fry into the same fat thin sliced akarikon, remove into the putuks. Sqeeze the broth , put into the putuks carrot pieces and pour so much water so as it covers dumpkins and mushroom. Put on the lid. Cook for 30 minutes under 2000 temperature into the stove. While serving put on it sour cream and sprinkle cut greens.

You need the following ingredients for cooking putuk with mushroom and dumplings

flour flour 1.5 teyi_bajak

egg egg 1 pieces

beef beef 150 gram

onion onion 1.5 glux

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

mushrooms mushrooms 200 gram

carrot carrot 1 pieces

butter butter 30 gram

oil oil 1 chashi_gdal

laurel laurel 3 pieces

pepper peas pepper peas 10 pieces

parsley parsley 0.5 punj

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 203 kcal

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