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How to cook mutton with mint and cheese

Remove the mutton leg bone. Mix into the pot salt and pepper. Cut garlic into not thin sticks merje it into the mixture. Open cracks into the meat with sharp knife and put the pieces of garlic into that cracks. Cut mint into small pieces, mix with blue cheese and squash. Put this mass into the place of the leg bone, tight, and fry it from all sides till the caover appears, whip it with foil for 2-3 slices, put it into the stove under 1700 temperature and cook for one hour for each kilo. Take the meat off the stove and leave it for 20 minutes, take or the foil and serve.

You need the following ingredients for cooking mutton with mint and cheese

lamb lamb 4 kg

garlic garlic 3 pchex

nana nana 3 coxun

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

red wine red wine 1 teyi_bajak

total cost of a prescription is 23Dollar
` calorie 941 kcal

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