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How to cook seasoned trout

Grate garlic, add cardamom, small sliced savory, salt, pepper, vegetable oil, lemon juice and mash well. Put a tin in the frying pan so that the edges overhang. Fill garlic mixture on the fish, put in the pan and laurel leaves in the sides, and cover with tin. Cook the fish in 200 C oven for 10min, then open and leave 5-7min there. Decorate with sliced lemon, pomegranate seeds, greens and serve.

You need the following ingredients for cooking seasoned trout

trout fish trout fish 1 kg

garlic garlic 2 pchex

laurel laurel 3 pieces

ginger ginger 1 teyi_gdal

red pepper red pepper

black pepper black pepper

salt salt

citron citron

oil oil

lemon juice lemon juice

lemon lemon 2 pieces

pomegranate pomegranate 1 pieces

green green

total cost of a prescription is 9Dollar
` calorie 163 kcal

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