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How to cook roll with lavash and fish

Cut one onion into small pieces, fry with butter, add grated carrot, fry until carrot receives bright color, add small cut and water free mushroom, fry until liquid part disappears, spice. Separate fish file, mince with one onion, break on it one egg, ginger, add salt and pepper, mix it. Add 2 boiled and cut eggs on the fried onion taken off the fire and mix it. Cut lavash into 4 pieces, scrape the filling part from all sides so as the edges remain open, put filling with the length in the middle part, roll like dolma, put on the pan. Scrape sour cream on the rolls, sprinkle the rest of the butter. Cover the pan with foil, put into the stove under 2000 temperature, cook for 30 minutes, remove the foil let there appear red cover. Serve on with lemon.

You need the following ingredients for cooking roll with lavash and fish

pita pita 2 pieces

canned mushrooms canned mushrooms 450 gram

fish fish 1 pieces

egg egg 3 pieces

onion onion 2 glux

carrot carrot 2 pieces

butter butter 60 gram

ginger ginger 0.5 teyi_gdal

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

lemon lemon 1 pieces

total cost of a prescription is 9Dollar
` calorie 720 kcal

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