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How to cook table choice

First of all while choosing a table you should pay attention on the width of the table. Narrow tables have small space for decoration. Around oval and round tables many people may gather, beside it the interaction between people is easier in this way. The position and the quantity of the dishes are depends on what is served: breakfast, lunch, dinner, is it everyday or holiday table. Here is demonstrated one of the most complicated variants of dish setting mode: 1.Butter knife 2. Plate for butter and brad. 3. Spoon for the first dish. 4. Fork for seafood or for cold dishes. 5. Knife for seafood. 6. Knife for meat and salads.7. Table knife. 8. Decorative plate 9. Soup plate 10. Knife for sweets 11.Fork for sweet. 12. Glass for water. 13. Glass of champagne 14. Gasss for wine. 15. Glass for white wine.

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