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How to cook lighting of the table

In the decoration of the table light and shadow have their influence as well. Bright or faint, concentrated or dispersed light creates mood. Most off all candles are used for the decoration of the table. Candles may me of different shapes: Round and cone, thin and thick, smooth and spiral, even decorative with the shape of flowers, Christmas tree cone or with the shape of animals. While putting candles on the table the event should be taken into the consideration and the style of the general dishes. Classic white and milk-white candles are suitable for any kind of tables. For general tables candles of any color may be only try not to distort color solutions. Figured candles are suitable for children's holidays. Candles are put into the special candlesticks, or suitable glass may be chosen. Even bowl may be used. It is important that the candle be there in affixed way. General candlestick may be made off metal, porcelain, plastic. Generally 2-3 candlesticks are put on the table. Figured candles generally are put not into the candlesticks but in different pots. Candles put into the silver or golden plates are very beautiful as their light reflects on the plate.

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