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How to cook how to choose wine glasses

There are a great variety of wine glasses, and it is impossible to gather all examples in one draft. White wine glass differs from red wine glass as it is more oblong, the second one is round. Cups should be made of smooth and transparent glass. In this way experts can tell the age of the wine. White wine gains more color during the years while the red one becomes lighter. There are 2 main shapes of white wine glasses: for young wine it is used long glasses which ''are opened'' on the edges parts. The older wine ''requires'' glasses with wide bottom and with the narrowing edges in order to keep fragrance of the wine. It is left in order to let the wine to breath. Beside it with that kind of glass young red wine may be drunk. Red wine likes glasses with wide floor which become narrow on the upper part, in this way wine enriches with oxygen and the aroma of the wine is opened. Old red wine id drunk with the cup which inwards in the mouth part. It makes the taste of the wine soft and helps language receptors evaluate the taste of the wine. For aromatic or liquor wines glasses are smaller.
For liquor it has the shape of poppy, glasses for aromatic wine have the shape of the red wine glass but they are smaller. Sparkling wine glasses are higher and sparkling sweet wine ''is opened'' well into the wide glasses. Pink wine glasses are wider than white wine glass which edges are bent outward. To tell the truth with good and pleasant guests wine with any kind of glass will seem pleasant, so enjoy with Armenian wine and live long.

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