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How to cook examples of new year decorations

For us: Armenians New Year is a very special holiday. First off all it is of course a family holiday when the scattered family gathers together around the same table. Then come relatives and friends and again everybody gathers around the table. So the table provides the main atmosphere of joy, makes friendly and family mood. That's why Armenians try to have gorgeous and beautiful tables, as everyone in the family has his/her favorite dish, and no one wants to miss the chance to demonstrate his /her cooking abilities. And of course we can come out off the context and mention that sometimes everything comes out off the borders and has "Extremist" logic. In this case people aren't happy for their table as they buy too many food and then they had to put it away on which they spent much money. We advice you not to get into the extreme situations and pay much attention on the otiginal decoration of the table, on the taste of the dishes, on the beautiful way of the serving teh dishes and on the hot and friendly atmosphere. For a while imagine your table, all dishes and drinks which should be on the table. Imagine dishes, the color of tablecloth and napkins, the shapes of plates and glasses. Now try to collect all these into one image. Did you imagine?. If you did ''no'', keep calm and try it again. It's a hard work so if you want a high result so you should try it hard. Continue to cook. Try to add decorations on this image such as candles, napkins, fir branches, cones, christmas three toys etc.. Don't restrict your imagination.

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