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How to cook appetizer on the skewer

Put butter into the pan, melt it, fry the whole mushroom a little, add salt and black pepper, take off the mushrooms and put on the napkins. Cut cheese and ham in cubes according to the mushroom size make olive be water free. Push mushroom, ham, cheese and olive on the wood skewers. Open sliced dough in a tiny way, cut into pieces, whip skewers with dough slice and put on the pan, beforehand sprinkle on the pan cold water. Mix the egg, scrape on the upper layers of the dough, sprinkle sesame on the one part and put on the other part zerah. Cook under 2000 temperature for 20 minutes.

You need the following ingredients for cooking appetizer on the skewer

mushrooms mushrooms 200 gram

ham ham 250 gram

olives olives 300 gram

puff pastry puff pastry 500 gram

butter butter 50 gram

egg egg 1 pieces

sesame seeds sesame seeds 1 chashi_gdal

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 292 kcal

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