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How to cook stewed vegitables with rice

Roast rice with vegetable oil, until it becomes transparent. Add salt water and put on the lowered fire. Fry on the vegetable oil peas or beans, carrot (other vegetables may be used as well such as squash, cauliflower). Add garlic at the end. Add black pepper on the ready rice, put on the serving palate, it may be put in a circular way and make a hole in the middle. Put vegetable mix in the middle. You can mix and serve in this way.

You need the following ingredients for cooking stewed vegitables with rice

carrot carrot 400 gram

red bean red bean 500 gram

rice rice 2 teyi_bajak

oil oil

garlic garlic

black pepper black pepper

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 203 kcal

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