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How to cook lenten dolma with rice

Fry nuts into the pan. Cut onion into small pieces. Take off the nuts form the fire, heat olive oil into the same pan and fry the onion. Cut fried nuts and garlic, add into the fried onion add dried mint, half boiled rice and mix it well. Spice with salt and pepper, add grated cover of a little lemon, mix it well put a lid on it. Cut dill and parsley into small pieces, add cut greens into the filling put into the plate, half lemon juice and mix it well. Open grapes washed leaves, put on them the filling and roll dolmas. Put rolled dolmas into the pot or pan, plate raisins among the slices. Add on it olive oil, boiled water, cover with plate so as not to let dolmas to destroy, cover with the lid and put on the fire. Reach to the boiling position with the help of high fire, then lower the fire and cook until it is ready. Serve on in a cool way.

You need the following ingredients for cooking lenten dolma with rice

rice rice 200 gram

Grape Leaves Grape Leaves 400 gram

oil oil 3 chashi_gdal

onion onion 1 glux

garlic garlic 1 pchex

parsley parsley 0.5 punj

dill dill

nana nana 1 teyi_gdal

lemon lemon 1 pieces

raisin raisin 50 gram

walnut walnut 50 gram

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

red pepper red pepper

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 110 kcal

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