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How to cook hot pie with plum

Put flour and 60 gram sugar on the table, add freezed and cut 120 gram butter, and cut with the help of two knives so that there appears crumb, add 1 egg, receive a dough ball in a fast way and try to escape butter melting. Whip the ball into the membrane and put into the fridge at least for half an hour. In order to make the stuffing part, mash the curd into the pot, add sourcream, 2 egg yolks add starch and mix it well. Mix 2 egg proteins separately, add 100 gram sugar, then mix until there appears a solid foam, and mix it with stiffing. Cut the plums, mix 2 table spoon sugar and 1 tea spoon cinnamon into a little pot and mix it. Scrape butter on the sampler with 26 sm of diameter with sides, then sprinkle flour, put the dough into it, and open with hands so as make it rise with the sampler sides with 2,5 sm. Put the pieces of the plums on the received dough pots, with the direction of down the hole parts, put into the holes the mass of sugar and cinnamon, and the empty space between them fill in with curd cream. Cook into the beforehand heated stove under 1900 temperature for 50-60 minutes.

You need the following ingredients for cooking hot pie with plum

flour flour 200 gram

egg egg 3 pieces

sugar sugar 150 gram

butter butter 125 gram

cottage cheese cottage cheese 250 gram

starch starch 50 gram

plum plum 700 gram

cinnamon cinnamon

total cost of a prescription is 5Dollar
` calorie 406 kcal

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