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How to cook cream stuffed funnels

Break eggs, add 100 gram sugar powder, mix it well, add flour, mix it so as there will be no balls and little by little add 100 ml milk and mix it. Spread olive paper under stove pan, sprinkle flour. Put the dough into the stove with 8-10 diameter in a circle way, pour on the olive paper and bake under 1900 temperature for 12 minutes, then take off the stove. As long as it is hot whip into funnel way and cylinder way funnels and leave them to cool. Mix 400 ml milk fat with sugar powder and add vanilla oil. Stuff covered funnels with cream, decorate with grated chocolate.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cream stuffed funnels

flour flour gram

powdered sugar powdered sugar 200 gram

egg egg 6 pieces

milk milk 500 ml

chocolate chocolate 50 gram

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 617 kcal

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