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How to cook cream dimlomat

Put on the dry jelly 60 ml water and leave it for 10-15 minutes until the jelly belly. Make cooked cream add on the pot the half of the sugar: 40 grams, add starch, add 100 ml milk, mix it well, add eggs one after one and mix it well each time and put it aside. Add the rest of the milk on the stew pot, add a punch of salt, put the rest of the salt on the fire make it to boil then take off the fire and put 2 table spoon of this milk on the mixture with eggs, then mix it and repeat that action twice, then add the mass from the pot to the stew pot, put on the fire and reach the boiling condition while mixing up, let it to thicken, take off the fire add butter and mix until it melts and mixes with the cream. Put the jelly on the low volume fire, melt it add on the cream and mix it. Put food membrane on the cream surface and leave the cream to cool. Mix the cream with mixer, add vanillin, and mix with the medium volume. Add the rest of the cooled cream on the cooled cream, mix it carefully, then add the rest of the cream and mix it. Put it on the nozzles and decorate according to your taste.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cream dimlomat

milk milk 320 ml

sugar sugar 80 gram

butter butter 30 gram

starch starch 30 gram

egg egg 2 pieces

cream cream 500 ml

gelatin gelatin 1,5 teyi_gdal

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

vanilla vanilla

total cost of a prescription is 3Dollar
` calorie 241 kcal

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