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How to cook fench strawberry sable

Mix egg with sugar, add butter, baking powder and add flour partially. Knead the dough. A spoon of sour cream or yogurt may be added. Add nuts. A pinch of salt may be added. Knead the dough. Open the dough in a very thin way. Make circles with the help of the edges of the cup. Put circles on the oil paper, bake in the stove for 10 minutes under 170°С. Pour sugar prepared for beze (kiss) into the kettle, add 50 ml of water and boil syrup. Mix albumen until it becomes fixed foam add syrup gradually. Put strawberries on the biscuits. Place albumen on it with the help of syringe. Put under the grill net and cook.

You need the following ingredients for cooking fench strawberry sable

flour flour 200 gram

sugar sugar 60 gram

butter butter 60 gram

opener opener 5 gram

egg egg 1 pieces

walnut walnut 50 gram

strawberry strawberry 150 gram

protein protein 2 pieces

sugar sugar 150 gram

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 242 kcal

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