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How to cook curds jelly with wine

Pour boiled water on the gelatin and leave it for half an hour. Pour out the unnecessary liquid, heat on the steam, and don't let it to boil. Heat the milk, put on the steam, add 3 table spoons sugar dust, vanilin, esentsia, mixed yolks and cook by constantly confusing. Leave on the steam until it is thick. Mix with jelly, grated cottage cheese with whipped cream. Put the mass into the plates and freeze. Mix wine with the rest of the sugar dust, cook until it is tick. Put on the plates wine sweet juice, put on it gelatin and decorate with fruits.

You need the following ingredients for cooking curds jelly with wine

milk milk 1 teyi_bajak

powdered sugar powdered sugar 350 gram

essences essences 0.5 teyi_gdal

yolk yolk 2 pieces

gelatin gelatin 2 chashi_gdal

cottage cheese cottage cheese 300 gram

cream cream 1 teyi_bajak

red wine red wine 3 chashi_gdal

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 222 kcal

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