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How to cook walnut biscuit with beze

Whisk egg, whiten, add sugar powder and sugar, mix and put on boiling water. When the mass warms, turn off, heat up to room temperature. Roast walnut, chop, mix with egg, add sieved flour and mix. Fill the dough in a greased pan but not full. Bake at 200 C for 25-35min. Whisk the beze whites well to distend, add a cup of sugar and mix carefully. Add vanilla, starch and mix. Share the dough, scrape the beze on the ready cake, put the half of the cake and scrape again the beze, also on the sides and put in cold place for some minutes. Chop and serve with tea.

You need the following ingredients for cooking walnut biscuit with beze

flour flour 1 teyi_bajak

egg egg 5 pieces

sugar sugar 2 teyi_bajak

walnut walnut 130 gram

vanilla vanilla

protein protein 10 pieces

starch starch 1 teyi_gdal

total cost of a prescription is 4Dollar
` calorie 1069 kcal

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