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How to cook armenian round gata

Sprinkle four on the pot or on the table, add salt and, add 100 gram melted butter, mix and add the mixture of 1 egg and matsun, knead the dough, then beat with rolling pin for 5 minutes, or beat on the table, cover the dough and leave for 20 minutes to rest. For mixture of filling mix slightly fried flour, sugar, soft butter and vanillin, receive even crumb. Make the dough be thin on the piece of olive paper, fix it, cut the additional dough, make gata be with the height of 1,5 sm , make ornaments with folk, scrape mixed egg and cover. Remove gata with olive paper unto the stove cook under 2000 temperature until there will be red cover on the surface.

You need the following ingredients for cooking armenian round gata

flour flour 2 teyi_bajak

butter butter 175 gram

egg egg 2 pieces

matsun matsun 0.5 teyi_bajak

sodasoda sodasoda 0.5 teyi_gdal

salt salt 1 ptxunc

sugar sugar 0.5 teyi_bajak

vanilla vanilla

total cost of a prescription is 2Dollar
` calorie 264 kcal

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