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How to cook chocolate cake

Mix flour, sugar, cocoa, salt, vanilla and sieve. In another pan mix hot water with coffee, add vanilla and vegetable oil. Add it to flour mixtures, also add vinegar, soda and soft butter. It would be mixture like sour cream. Fill it in frying pan and bake at 180 C oven for 40-45min. Put the cream’s milk and sugar on fire. Boil with mixing on medium fire. Mix the starch or flour with cocoa, fill the rest 20 g milk on it, mix not to appear balls. If the milk boils, add cocoa mixture on it. Constantly mix and cook until clots. Leave to cool. Whisk the butter beforehand. During whisking add cooked milky cream. Snare the dough, scrape the cream, put the second layer and scrape the cream on sides and on surface too. Decorate with grated chocolate and crushed walnut.

You need the following ingredients for cooking chocolate cake

flour flour 3 teyi_bajak

sugar sugar 1 teyi_bajak

cocoa cocoa 1 tablespoon

sodasoda sodasoda 2 teyi_gdal

salt salt 1 teyi_gdal

oil oil 0.5 surchi_bajak

vinegar vinegar 2 chashi_gdal

instant coffee instant coffee 1 tablespoon

butter butter 125 gram

vanilla vanilla


butter butter 150 gram

sugar sugar 1 teyi_bajak

milk milk 500 ml

starch starch 2 chashi_gdal

cocoa cocoa 2 tablespoon

salt salt

instant coffee instant coffee 1 tablespoon

vanilla vanilla

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 202 kcal

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