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How to cook cake with carrots

Whisk butter with sugar and vanilla sugar. Scrape the carrot, add raisin, cinnamon, cut apples, whisk the eggs one by one, stir in well. At the end add flour and baking powder little by little. Put parchment paper on the pan. Grease it and spread the dough. Bake at moderate temperature. Allow to cool. You may eat it already. But you may also use the following cream: Whisk sour cream very well, add the cream when it raises. Divide the cake, apply the cream on it, pour grinded nuts on it.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cake with carrots

flour flour 1.5 teyi_bajak

sugar sugar 1 teyi_bajak

opener opener

cinnamon cinnamon 1.5 teyi_gdal

Vanilla sugar Vanilla sugar 30 gram

oil oil 3 surchi_bajak

egg egg 3 pieces

carrot carrot 3 pieces

raisin raisin

apple apple 1 pieces


cream cream 150 gram

walnut walnut

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 456 kcal

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