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How to cook cake “esterhazi”

Cut 6 pieces of parchment papers of the same size as the pan. Grind the nut, stir into flour and cinnamon. Separate the egg-whites from yolks, add a pinch of salt, whisk till it thickens. Add sugar little by little. Mix the egg-whites with nuts. Preheat the oven to 150°C. Apply the mass of egg-whites on the parchment paper with a knife. Bake it for 20 minutes till it becomes golden. Tear from the parchment paper when it is still hot. Mix 250g cocoa powder with 1.5 cup of boiled water. Leave it for 10 minutes or till the water cools. Strain, leave out the cocoa flakes. Mix some cow milk with cocoa milk.Whisk 1/3 milk with sugar, yolks and vanilla sugar. Boil the rest of the milk on a moderate fire, add the mixtiure of yolks carefully. Boil again. You may use a cup of ordinary milk instead of making cocoa milk. Allow to cool, refridgerate for an hour. Whisk the butter with boiled condensed milk. Add the boiled milk mixture and cherry vodka spoon by spoon, whisk until it becomes a homogeneous mass. Apply the cream on 5 layers, on the top layer apply apricot jem. Make glaze: Melt chocolate with greasy cream, apply on the cake. Melt a bar of dark chocolate and decorate. Take a toothpick or a knife, scribble it from the center splitting it into 8 parts. Decorated the sides with mint flakes. Refridgerate for a few hours.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cake “esterhazi”

protein protein 8 pieces

sugar sugar 1 teyi_bajak

walnut walnut 200 gram

flour flour 3 chashi_gdal

cinnamon cinnamon 1 ptxunc

salt salt 1 ptxunc


milk milk 1 teyi_bajak

sugar sugar 3 teyi_bajak

condensed milk condensed milk 0.150 ptxunc

yolk yolk 4 pieces

butter butter 300 gram

Vanilla sugar Vanilla sugar 3 teyi_gdal

jam jam 2 chashi_gdal


chocolate chocolate 250 gram

cream cream 2 chashi_gdal

total cost of a prescription is 10Dollar
` calorie 779 kcal

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