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How to cook cake “drunken cherries”

Squeeze cherry jam’s or compote’s granules and fill in the brandy and leave 10 days. Instead of brandy you can wet in vodka. For biscuit whisk egg with sugar, add cocoa and flour. Whisk until it will become homogeneous. Grease the pan, sprinkle flour and fill the dough. Heat the oven at 150-200 C and bake the dough. Whisk 0.5 kg soften butter with condensed milk. Add three tablespoons cocoa. Cut the biscuit’s “lid”, dug- out the core and crush. Fill it in the cream. Mince or chop walnut and again fill in the cream. Also fill the cherry in it. Mix, fill that mass in the dug and close the “lid”. For the glaze mix sugar, sour cream, cocoa, butter and put it on the steam.

You need the following ingredients for cooking cake “drunken cherries”

egg egg 11 pieces

sugar sugar 3 teyi_bajak

flour flour 2.5 teyi_bajak

cocoa cocoa 0.5 surchi_bajak


butter butter 0.5 kg

walnut walnut 100 gram

condensed milk condensed milk 1 tup

cocoa cocoa 3 chashi_gdal

cherry cherry

cognac cognac 200 ml


sugar sugar 5 chashi_gdal

cocoa cocoa 2 chashi_gdal

butter butter 100 gram

total cost of a prescription is 16Dollar
` calorie 1310 kcal

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