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How to cook “austrian” cake

Whisk an egg in a bowl, add honey. Then stir sugar, butter and baking soda. Put the bowl on a pan with boiling water. Boil stirring till it becomes a froamy mass. Take the bowl off the steam, add flour and knead not thick dough. Split the dough into 8 parts. Heat the pan well, open the dough layers, bake in a dry pan on moderate fire. Turn over when one side becomes red. Take out the layers and turn over, it will be easy if you use a plate or tray of the same size as the pan or a little larger. Put the dough, cover with the pan, turn it over, do the same after the dough bakes. Make porridge with milk and manna-croup. Rub the butter and whisk with sugar powder. Pour the whipped butter in the cooled porridge. Whisk the cream with mixer. To make the sweet paste stir in sour cream, sugar and cocoa. Refridgerate the paste and cream for 20 minutes. Apply cream on the first layer, then cocoa paste on the next layer, and so on. Apply cocoa paste on the last layer. Cover the sides with cream, decorate to your taste.

You need the following ingredients for cooking “austrian” cake

egg egg 1 pieces

honey honey 2 chashi_gdal

sugar sugar 10 chashi_gdal

butter butter 30 gram

sodasoda sodasoda 1 teyi_gdal

vinegar vinegar

flour flour 1.5 teyi_bajak


white rump white rump 3 chashi_gdal

milk milk 2 teyi_bajak

butter butter 250 gram

powdered sugar powdered sugar 0.5 teyi_bajak

cocoa cocoa 20 gram

total cost of a prescription is 6Dollar
` calorie 296 kcal

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