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How to cook small doughs with meat

Pour cold milk into the enamel boiler, break egg, mix and add on the milk. Sprinkle salt, add vegetable oil. Gradually also add flour by sprinkling with combine add immediately on the boiler. Mix all the time so as not to let bolls to appear. Heat the pan well, make small doughs. Put on the pan as much flour with scoop as not to make the layers too thick, otherwise it will tear while rolling. If the dough is watery add flour, it should pour with the thick flow. While baking one side of the dough upturn it, and leave the other side to bake as well. Put on each other and leave it to cool. Put the meat prepared for the kernel part on the pan, add a little water. Close the lid and cook on the lowered fire. When the liquid lands add minced onion, butter and close the lid again. Fry by regularly mixing, at the end add dried or fresh greens, season with salt, black pepper and mix. A little kimion may be added. Put a little kernel into each dough, coil yerkaruk, it is more convenient to place and keep into the square pots. Heat before serving, fry a little in the hot vegetable oil.

You need the following ingredients for cooking small doughs with meat

milk milk 4 teyi_bajak

egg egg 3 pieces

flour flour 2.5 teyi_bajak

oil oil 2 chashi_gdal

salt salt 1 ptxunc


beef beef 600 gram

onion onion 2 glux

citron citron

parsley parsley

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

butter butter 70 gram

total cost of a prescription is 7Dollar
` calorie 549 kcal

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