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How to cook pork fillet with dried apricot

Roast the nuts. Clean the onion, cut and beat with nuts. Bake under 1800 C in the stove. Beat pork fillet, add salt and pepper. Wash and dry apricot or dried apricot then cut. Mix apricot with garlic and spread on the meat. Roll the meat like a roll. Fry the roll on the pan, then put on the stove for 45minutes. Slash green onion in a big way and fry in the same vegetable oil add broth on it. Remove the stones of the fresh apricots, and put beside the mead 20 minutes before definitive cooking, if it is tin, 10 minutes before definitive cooking. In this dish apricot serves as a garnish. Serve on by cutting the meat with apricots.

You need the following ingredients for cooking pork fillet with dried apricot

almond almond 4 chashi_gdal

garlic garlic 2 pchex

dried apricots dried apricots 100 gram

pork pork 1 kg

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

oil oil 1 chashi_gdal

green onion green onion 2 punj

vegetable broth vegetable broth 150 ml

apricot apricot 500 gram

total cost of a prescription is 13Dollar
` calorie 221 kcal

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