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How to cook filled meatballs (ishli qyufta)

Grind meat for nuclear part (greasy), onion, greens. Put the meat to boil,pour one cup of water. When the liquid lands, add minced onion. Put a piece of butter and dry. When onion is soft add chopped greens. Nuts and kimion may be added. Season with salt and pepper. For the upper layer choose soft without greasy meat. Mince meat two times. Wet bulgur with hot water, sprinkle salt, pepper, mix and leave for 10 minutes. Mix bulgur with red meat. If there is a need add salt. Mix it well, then pick a palm of meat with bulgur. Make a hole with the finger of the other hand putty the boll and make an empty, oval mass. Try to make ''the walls'' of the qufta as thin as it is possible. Put the feeling into it carefully. There should be lemon like oval qyufta.Fry kufats into the plentiful oil until it is red. Another very popular way of cooking is to cook in the salt water. Cook until qyuftas rise above on the syrace of the water. Serve on with lemon slices.

You need the following ingredients for cooking filled meatballs (ishli qyufta)

beef beef 1 kg

bulgur bulgur 0.5 kg

salt salt

red pepper red pepper


beef beef 1 kg

onion onion 3 glux

walnut walnut

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

red pepper red pepper

cilantro cilantro

citron citron

butter butter

total cost of a prescription is 17Dollar
` calorie 415 kcal

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