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How to cook dolma with grape leaves

Mince the meat. Wash and clean onion and greens, then hold through the harsher. Sprinkle salt, red and black pepper, add minced onion and greens, then mix. Clean the rice, wash add on the khchoghak. If the meat is not greasy, melt a little bit butter into the water, add on the meat and mix. Put the grape leaves into the boiling water for a few seconds, then take off and put on the strainer, remove the grips. Put on each of the leaves a spoon of kernel and roll. Put on the pot tightly, cover the surface with flat plate, add cold water. Water should cover dolmas a little. Cook on the lowered fire until rice is ready. Serve on with matsun-garlic sauce.

You need the following ingredients for cooking dolma with grape leaves

beef beef 1 kg

onion onion 2 glux

green green

salt salt

black pepper black pepper

red pepper red pepper

rice rice 0.5 teyi_bajak

Grape Leaves Grape Leaves

matsun matsun 250 gram

garlic garlic 2 pchex

total cost of a prescription is 8Dollar
` calorie 236 kcal

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